Research that Sets the Standard for Care

Beyond training today’s lifesaving paramedics, the Medic One Foundation funds the research and development of tomorrow’s lifesaving ideas to improve patient care and prevent sudden cardiac arrest. Research is the key to ensuring that the best possible patient care is provided in the pre-hospital setting.

Please support the Research Fund and help turn promising ideas into lifesaving treatments.

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“Paramedic Performed Pre-hospital Lung Ultrasound for Patients with Acute Dyspnea”
Ross Kessler, MD

“Identifying Seizure Activity as an Obstacle in recognizing Out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest”
Mickey Eisenberg, MD, PhD and Madison Schwarzkoph

“Ventilation Parameters During Out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest”
Betty Yang, MD

“Pilot Simulation Training for High Performance Pre-hospital Airway Management Across King County”
Claire Nordeen, MD

“Early Endothelial Glycocalyx Degradation Promotes Sepsis-related Coagulation Activation and Acute Kidney Injury”
Daniel Henning, MD, MPH

“Trends in End Tidal Carbon Dioxide During Out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest”
Andrew Latimer

“The Impact of the DNAR/POLST Order on the Treatment of Out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest Patients in King County”
Catherine Counts, MD and Ryan Winchell

“Overdose Decedents With Prior EMS Involvement in King County: An Opportunity to Intervene?”
Catherine Counts, MD and Alison Rollins

“Working Toward Equity in Emergencies: Bringing Communities and EMS Together to Exchange Skills and Cultural Knowledge”
Kathryn Stadeli, MD

“Time to Tracheal Intubation After Out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest and Association with Survival”
David Murphy, MD

“Evaluation of Pre-hospital Blood Product Use by Air Medical Services”
Elissa Butler, MD


If you are a researcher affiliated with an organization located in King County or a neighboring county, please click here to apply for a research grant.