Are You a Survivor of Sudden Cardiac Arrest?

Surviving a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is a dramatic event in someone’s life. Many survivors face changes in their health and behavior as well as changes in their way of thinking about themselves and about life.

As you adjust to life after a sudden cardiac arrest, please know that you are not alone. There are many resources available to help you recover and return to a normal life. We have compiled the following list of resources and information that hopefully will help you on your journey to recovery.



Life After Sudden Cardiac Arrest: Helping Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivors Get Back to Living
Life After Sudden Cardiac Arrest: Helping Sudden Cardiac Survivor’s Loved Ones

Helpful organizations that are dedicated to improving treatment for sudden cardiac arrest and provide support for survivors:

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation

  • Support for patients and families who have been affected by sudden cardiac arrest. Learn More
  • Detailed information about the exact nature of sudden cardiac arrest, incidence, treatment, and survival. Learn More
  • Personal perspectives—links to several different blogs relating to sudden cardiac arrest. Learn More
  • Online community for sudden cardiac arrest survivors and families affected by SCA. Learn More

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association

  • Links to articles and resources related to many of the physical and emotional concerns of survivors. Learn More
  • Educational resources and materials on the nature of sudden cardiac arrest, information on ICDs, and additional medical research. Learn More
  • The online membership support community of the SCAA. Learn More



Implantable Cardioverter (ICD) Support Group at Swedish
Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivor Group at Swedish
S.C.A. Survivor Group—Facebook
Living with an ICD (Support Group)—Facebook