“There was life…the heart was trying as hard as it could, and we couldn’t give up,” said Paramedic Jeff Milsten.

When you least expect it, you can suddenly find yourself dealing with a life-or-death medical emergency. Minor chest pains that quickly turn into a full cardiac arrest. A near drowning. A serious accident. Thanks to you and your generous support, Medic One—one of the most successful and highly trained paramedic teams in the world—is standing by to respond to your call for help.

Last year, Tim, a resident of Bainbridge Island, made the call to 911 after he began experiencing severe chest pain. Jeff Milsten, a Bainbridge Island Fire Department paramedic and his crew were first on scene. Jeff made a quick diagnosis, alerted Airlift NW, and began the drive to rendezvous with the helicopter—but Tim’s heart stopped beating right before they arrived at the fire station.

After 45 minutes of CPR and 10 shocks with the defibrillator, they were able to get a pulse back and Tim was flown to the hospital in Seattle where he underwent surgery for a blocked artery.

“We saw this rhythm that a person who’s dead doesn’t generate on their own and those were the signs that told us we still had the tools to make a difference and to turn it around,” said Jeff. “If it wasn’t for the training program, I think we would have had a different outcome.”

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