There Are 7,500 People Who Did Not Die in King County

Medic One AmbulanceSeattle and King County are the very best places to have a cardiac arrest. Why? In a word, Medic One. This emergency medical response service brings the hospital to you, with paramedics who have 3 times the number of recommended training hours in using the latest medical technology and medicine, allowing them to save more lives. As a result of this additional training, cardiac arrest victims are 2 to 3 times more likely to survive in Seattle and King County, compared to other communities in the U.S.

We’re able to achieve these lifesaving results due to the thousands of hours of extra training, equipment, and research made possible by the Medic One Foundation. The Medic One tax levy funds the salaries and equipment for Medic One. But, the Medic One Foundation is the sole supporter of the world-class training program that enables paramedics to provide ER-level care prior to reaching the hospital.

Medic One paramedics arrive at the scene of an emergency knowing exactly what to do to save lives. If you’re going to have a cardiac arrest, this is the place to do so—you’re 2-3 times more likely to survive. And, the reason why is that the Medic One Foundation ensures that our paramedics are the best trained in the world, today, and into the future. For many families, these paramedics represent the heart of what makes the Puget Sound region such a great a place to live.


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