On Thursday, September 13, 2018, the Medic One Foundation presented a tactical drone to Eastside Fire & Rescue to assist first responders in the growing number of backcountry and waterway medical emergencies. Funding for the drone was made possible by Foundation donor Barbara Hamer and her family.

“We are very grateful to Barbara, her family, and the Medic One Foundation for this generous donation,” said Eastside Fire & Rescue Deputy Chief Rich Burke. “The drone will allow us to better respond to more difficult search and rescue operations which is something we need to better serve our eastside communities.” Chief Burke added that it would have been extremely helpful in a disaster like the Oso landslides, in which he was involved.

Donor Barbara Hamer said, “My late husband, Dale, would appreciate this so much. He was served many times by our Medic One system and purchasing a drone to support this program is very meaningful to me and to my entire family.”

The PRECISIONHAWK DJI Matrice 210 can fly for 38 minutes and operate as far away as 4.2 miles, reaching a speed of 85 mph. Equipped with a high-quality “Fleer” camera, it will be dispatched for trail, swift water, and still water rescues, as well as fires. It will also be helpful for damage assessment and prolonged incident management support.


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