Donor Contributions Help Enhance CPR Training for EMT/Firefighters in South King County

Medic One Foundation recently provided funding to Puget Sound Regional Fire to acquire 17 new CPR training manikins equipped with real-time biofeedback. These updated manikins will be placed throughout each of their 17 stations, ensuring comprehensive coverage across Puget Sound Regional Fire’s.

These manikins offer real-time feedback on CPR quality, addressing a crucial need for precise evaluation and guaranteeing objective insights into performance. The new manikins are essential because they can tell firefighters immediately if they’re doing CPR correctly or not. This is crucial because CPR needs to be done just right to save lives in emergencies. With this practical feedback, firefighters can improve their CPR skills, making them better prepared and more confident in critical situations.

Medic One Foundation’s grant signifies not only a financial investment but also a commitment to ensuring firefighters have the best tools and training to save lives. Support of equipment grants like this has been made possible through the generosity of donors like you.