Support Your First Responders with Your Very Own Fundraising Event

DIY fundraising is a personal and meaningful way to honor our region’s firefighters and paramedics who are on the streets saving lives every day. Get creative! We encourage you to develop your own personal approach to fundraising based on your interests. Raise funds through a unique event, special occasion, athletic competition, or something entirely new. It’s up to you!

Get Creative with Your Fundraiser

There’s no limit to how you can raise money for the Medic One Foundation. Below are some popular ways you and your community can raise critical funds to ensure that our region’s firefighters and paramedics receive the training, education, and tools that they need to save lives.

If you have any questions about DIY fundraising or would like to talk about your fundraising idea, please send an email to Thank you for your support and generosity!

Pay Tribute

A special way to honor, celebrate, or remember someone you care about.

Get Active

Run a 5K, climb a mountain, or host an indoor cycling event. The possibilities are endless!

Facebook Fundraiser

Create a fundraiser through Facebook, and encourage your social network to donate.

Throw a Party

Dedicate your birthday, anniversary, or a fun party to raise funds for first responders.

Honor a First Responder

Have you been served by our region’s first responders? Say ‘thank you’ with a gift.

Get Creative

Use your imagination and create a unique event that your friends and family will enjoy!