Swift Action & Selfless Intervention Saves Lives

On a typical Thursday evening, last September, Moody Soliman headed to a late evening soccer game at Arena Sports. He felt great, scoring a couple goals, and enjoying the gameplay as usual. With about seven minutes left, Moody reached for the ball, missed it, took a couple more steps, and then collapsed onto the ground. Initially, his teammates thought he had tripped, but when they realized he wasn’t moving, they quickly sprang into action. A couple guys flipped him over, called 911, and began preforming CPR.

Moody remembers nothing from the event itself. “All I recall is driving to the game Thursday evening, then waking up on Sunday,” he said.

Moody’s life was saved thanks to the quick actions and coordinated response of the bystanders, firefighters, and paramedics. “There are really no words that can express how grateful and thankful my family and I are for the CPR community that saved my life.” said Moody. “I’m here today, continuing to live a healthy and active life as a husband and father of three thanks to the quick and coordinated response of an entire team of professionals, from the dispatchers to the citizens who followed their instructions, to the EMS team, to the paramedics.”

Nearly six months after the incident, Moody had the chance to meet his rescuers again and expressed heartfelt his gratitude. “The most favorite part of my life right now is being able to continue as a husband and father, and they let me do that,” said Moody.

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