“The Foundation guarantees that every individual is trained to the highest level possible. It allows us to ask more of our paramedics than any other program.”–Michael K. Copass, MD

When you least expect it, you can suddenly find yourself dealing with a life-or-death medical emergency. Minor chest pains that quickly turn into a full cardiac arrest. A near drowning. A serious accident. Thanks to you and your generous support, Medic One—one of the most successful and highly trained paramedic teams in the world—is standing by to respond to your call for help.

This year, twenty students representing emergency services providers throughout our region are training to become Medic One paramedics. They will undergo 2,100 hours of rigorous training, including classroom instruction, clinical rotations at Seattle Children’s, UW Medical Center and Harborview Medical Center, as well as extensive field training supervised by experienced senior paramedics. Your support of the Medic One Paramedic Training Program ensures that these students receive the knowledge and skills necessary for responding to any medical emergency, giving you or someone you love the best chance for survival.



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