First responders are working harder than ever, fully dedicated to providing the emergency services desperately needed in our community right now. They are on the frontline, every day and night, saving lives. They’re here for you.

Now is your time to be here for them, and to show your support through the Medic One Foundation. The Medic One Foundation is dedicated to saving lives by improving pre-hospital emergency care. If you or a loved one is fighting to stay alive, you want the very best emergency medical care possible. That’s the purpose of the Medic One Foundation, which was established in 1974 by the very physicians who founded our region’s Medic One emergency response system—to ensure that you receive the very best medical care possible when faced with a life-threatening medical emergency.

The Medic One Foundation receives no government dollars and relies solely on charitable contributions from individuals and businesses to accomplish our life-saving mission. Our programs are strategically designed with this vision: a future where no one dies from a treatable medical emergency. Please help us now continue the training that moves us all towards that hopeful future.


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