“Medic One saved my wife. I will do everything that I possibly can to fund and help them in any way that I can. I have no choice. It could happen to you, it can happen to me, it can happen to our children, it can happen to anybody. But I want to be ready, and the way that I see it is to help them.”
John Glasser, President
All-Purpose Door Repairs, Inc.


The Need for Highly-Skilled Paramedics Never Ends

Funded solely by the Medic One Foundation, the Paramedic Training Program is among the most comprehensive and grueling training programs in the world. Paramedic students undergo more than twice the number of recommended training hours using the latest medical technology and medicine. As a result of this additional training, cardiac arrest victims in our region are two to three times more likely to survive.

There is an overwhelming need right now to train more paramedics. The last two years have taken an unprecedented toll on EMS providers throughout the nation, as well as locally. This September, twenty-four students in Paramedic Training Class 49 will begin the intensive 10-month Medic One Paramedic Training Program. Please support the Paramedic Training Program to ensure that they receive a world-renowned education and training so that our region’s fire departments and EMS agencies can continue to provide the best pre-hospital emergency care possible.


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