Board of Directors

  • Marne H. Anderson
    UBS Financial Services
  • Leonard A. Cobb, MD, President Emeritus
    Harborview Medical Center/Seattle Medic One
  • Michael K. Copass, MD
    Harborview Medical Center/Seattle Medic One
  • Gregory M. Dean
    Seattle Fire Department
  • Mickey Eisenberg, MD
    King County EMS
  • Phillip F. Frink, Jr., Treasurer
    First Washington Corp.
  • Barbara Green
    Somerset Women for Medic One
  • Michael F. O. Harris
    The Northern Group (retired)
  • D. Phillip Kennedy
    Don Kennedy Properties, LLC
  • John A. McGary, President-Elect
    Attorney at Law
  • Graham Nichol, MD, MPH
    UW/Harborview Medical Center/Center for Pre-Hospital Emergency Care
  • Tom Rea, MD, MPH
    King County Medic One
  • Floyd A. Short, MD, President
    Seattle Heart Clinic/Swedish Medical Center (retired)
  • Brooks H. Simpson
    Pacific Rim Medical Systems
  • Richard E. Spangler, Jr.
    The Boeing Company
  • David A. Stiefel
    Bader Martin P.S.
  • Brian D. Webster
  • Eileen Whalen
    Harborview Medical Center

Honorary Board of Directors

  • Virgil Fassio
    Seattle Post Intelligencer (retired)
  • Jean Gardner
    Community Volunteer
  • Lawrence E. Hard
    Seattle Housing Authority
  • C. Curtis Nichols
    The Boeing Company (retired)
  • Werner Samson, MD
    University of Washington School of Medicine

Board of Advisors

  • Eric Bremner
    King Broadcasting Company (retired)
  • Nancy Buffington Lucks, PhD
    Nikken, Inc.
  • Don Kraft
    Evans/Kraft, Inc. (retired)
  • Richard O. Martin, PhD
    Medtronic Physio-Control (retired)
  • J. Shan Mullin
    Perkins Coie
  • William J. Rex
    Wachovia Securities (retired)
  • Joseph L. Schocken
    Broadmark Capital

Founding Board Members

  • Leonard A. Cobb, MD
  • Ross L. Cunningham
  • T. R. Faragher
  • Joseph R. James
  • Robert I. Jetland*
  • Jack N. Richards*
  • Werner E. Samson, MD
  • Robert L. Van Citters, MD

    *In Memoriam

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