Independent medical review of Medic One’s performance improves survival rates and patient outcomes.

By funding independent, ongoing medical evaluation of Medic One’s effectiveness, the Foundation ensures that the caliber of Medic One services are medically appropriate and uncompromised. Critical questions are constantly asked and as a result, treatments and outcomes are continuously evaluated in order to develop new approaches to improve the quality of care. Valuable feedback is provided to fire department paramedics and EMT’s on the use of automated defibrillation and in the management of trauma cases and medical dispatching. Through the Medic One Foundation quality assurance efforts, the Foundation has helped to develop a nationally recognized resource of clinical and laboratory data that has supported significant studies on:

  • The effects of early defibrillation.
  • The effects of bystander-initiated CPR.
  • Long-term outcomes after resuscitation.
  • Neurological outcomes after resuscitation.
  • Drug therapy after resuscitation.

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