Current Sponsored Projects

Fiscal sponsorship through the Medic One Foundation provides nonprofit emergency medical services (EMS) agencies the opportunity to seek philanthropic support without establishing a new, tax-exempt nonprofit organization.

Through our fiscal sponsorship, EMS providers are able to solicit charitable gifts in their community for projects and activities that align with our mission of ensuring excellence in pre-hospital emergency care.   The Medic One Foundation establishes and manages a separate restricted fund to receive designated donations for each of our sponsored projects.

The Medic One Foundation does not fundraise for sponsored projects nor do we allocate non-designated gifts in support of sponsored project activities.

Initial Eligibility Requirements

  • EMS agencies must be exempt from taxation under IRS Code Sections 501(a) and 501(c) and not classified as a “private foundation” within the past five years, as defined in Section 509(a) of the Code.
  • The Project Director who oversees the sponsored project activities must be a graduate of the Resuscitation Academy

The Medic One Foundation does not provide fiscal sponsorship to:

  • Projects that are funded by government grants.
  • Projects that will continue to operate under their own or another fiscal sponsor’s 501(c)(3).
  • Projects with international activities but no U.S. base of operations.
  • Individuals or for-profit entities.

If you meet the initial eligibility requirements and would like more information on fiscal sponsorship, please contact the Foundation office at or call (206) 744-9425.

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